Busy...trying to figure out why the BCS sucks so badly.
Busy...working on a million events for work.
Busy...getting ready to buy a new home.
Busy...applying to grad school and thinking about selling new home.
Busy...getting ready to host Christmas dinner.
Busy...figuring out how I can visit my family in El Paso for the Sun Bowl (Missouri is playing)
Busy...playing with this blog.

Just so busy.



This picture was taken at the mall about 14 hours after he hit the gaming winning homerun! We are so pumped for tomorrow! We are going to start tailgating at 9:00 am with the rest of peeps from our baseball family! Go Tigers!



This is a picture of grounds crew at Comerica Park painting on the logo this morning. I knew back in August it would be important that the AL won the All Star game! And now it begins! I have to hate my friends, former college buddies, for an entire week and possibly a year! So this is the conclusion I have come to...the Tigers must win so there is no hate!

I have to book a flight to St. Louis for next Tuesday! Since that is going to cost a ton plus our game tickets, which one of my kind friends wants to house us?? Anyone???

Here is to 1968 part two!


The Godfather

Amongst a million other things that have been occuring on a daily basis in our household (new jobs, freelance jobs, housing issues, etc) yesterday was a very interesting day in the search for Justin's actual family tree.

You see, Justin's dad's last name really isn't his biological father's last name. It is actually the last name of Justin's Grandma's first husband. We found out yesterday for the first time that his dad's actual biological last name is Vascassenno. Yes Justin is offically a member of the Sopranos. Justin's dad's dad "peaced out" as Justin puts it, when he was just a kid and has never talked about it to his kids until just now.

So, like any good natured person would do when they find out that they have a whole other family out there that they don't even know about we got on the internet last night and looked him up. And sure enough we found information out about his grandfather and his great uncle. His great uncle, Vito. Oh the jokes don't just stop there. Vito had a son Vito and he is the Director of Operations for Fazoli's. Justin is a huge fan of Fazoli's cheesecake.

This is the single funniest, most screwed up family tree I have ever seen. So on top of everything else going on right now we are digging to find out just how close to The Godfather Justin really is.

It's time to go to the Mattresses!


The Money Pit

Yesterday was a huge day for me. A huge day for Justin as well. A huge day because yesterday for the first time in both of our lives we became home owners! Yes, we bought that house that we had been looking at for awhile and decided that we wanted to make this our first house together.

We are extremely excited about moving in to the home and have already made a decision on our first two projects: refinishing the hardwood floors in the home so they are a really deep, rich, dark brown color and building the bar of our dreams (a sports/baseball themed bar of course) in the basement.

So as of November 1 we will finally be settled which is something that both of us feel like we have never had. He has felt like ever since he was 16 he hasn't had a place to call home. We talk about it all the time and it makes me so happy to think that I could do this for him. And in the same token without him I wouldn't have stayed here in Detroit to buy this house. Trust me when I tell you I would have taken the job out in Boston that I was offered.

But here we are at a good place. A new place. And I am excited.


The Only Word I Know: Busy

So, since the last time I took time to write on here I was in some bullshit job I hated, living in a house that was ok, I guess, and American Idol was still on TV. In that amount of time, I left my job at the IAOD because it was literally the worst organization I had ever worked for and wasn't worth the pay (though not a small amount of money, still wasn't worth it). I have been doing my own event consulting ever since then and love working from home everyday. I have been shopping my resume out across the east coast as well (DC and Boston) and have gotten a couple of good hits (one in Boston and one in DC). I am planning on going out there in the next week or so to take the interviews and then see what happens. Who knows, that is my philosophy right now. As long as I like the position, I will take it. If not I will just continue to do event consulting work on my own.

Other than that, Justin and I found a home that we absolutely love and are looking to buy. It is in Pleasant Ridge (for all of you not in the Metro Detroit area, that is about 15 minutes North of the city and only about 5-10 minutes from our current house). We are sort of in limbo right now on whether to leave the state at the end of October or move to this house. Just another address to have to give out for Christmas Cards.

Last but not least, I got a new car...a VW Beetle! It rules and totally fits my personality. I have named it Zippy because it is bright yellow and I can't seem to go slow in this car to save my life. We are planning on taking it to Chicago in a couple of weeks for a baseball game. (We would bring it to NYC but god only knows where it would be parked.)

So that's about it...I promise to really blog soon, just wanted to let you know that we hadn't fallen off the planet. Oh and let me tell you that this is offically the hardest week in baseball for me. Who do I cheer for: Boston or Detroit?


Da Vinci, McDisgusting, and Detroit Baseball

I know, I know...you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about here!

Easy...the three things I am currently interested in as of this very moment.

1) Da Vinci:
Well I fell for it and fell for it badly. I have been a book snob for the last three years that this book has been on the best seller's list. I always thought it was for people who liked to read John Grisham novels like my mom (oh yeah! she has even read this book.) But here I am a week out of the movie's release and reading like a mad dog to finish the book before the movie. Because as a book snob, "the book is always better than the movie." Though I have to say the movie made me make this my next book choice. It was also on my New Year's resolution list of 20 books I was reading by the end of the year. And how is that going...so far I am at one and a half. (I will blog about my last read later.)

2) McDisgusting
If you have been hanging out with me long enough (ok since February) you will know that I got suckered into American Idol. Yes, I said it...American Idol. You will also know that I was beyond pissed off that Chris got kicked off last week and that for every week since the beginning I have hated Katherine McDisgusting. She can't dress and she should be in some off Broadway show for people who were famous once, like Corey Feldman. I swear if she doesn't go tonight I want my $3.60 worth of text messages back.

3)Detroit Baseball
To all of you out there that have made fun of me for still being a Tigers fan...Shove it where the sun don't shine! We are tied for 1st place right now in the Central with the defending Champs. (Not that that says a lot!) And to top it all off, despite the Yankees crazy comeback last night, the Red Sox are still in first by a game. So here is to a great baseball season...so far!