Da Vinci, McDisgusting, and Detroit Baseball

I know, I know...you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about here!

Easy...the three things I am currently interested in as of this very moment.

1) Da Vinci:
Well I fell for it and fell for it badly. I have been a book snob for the last three years that this book has been on the best seller's list. I always thought it was for people who liked to read John Grisham novels like my mom (oh yeah! she has even read this book.) But here I am a week out of the movie's release and reading like a mad dog to finish the book before the movie. Because as a book snob, "the book is always better than the movie." Though I have to say the movie made me make this my next book choice. It was also on my New Year's resolution list of 20 books I was reading by the end of the year. And how is that going...so far I am at one and a half. (I will blog about my last read later.)

2) McDisgusting
If you have been hanging out with me long enough (ok since February) you will know that I got suckered into American Idol. Yes, I said it...American Idol. You will also know that I was beyond pissed off that Chris got kicked off last week and that for every week since the beginning I have hated Katherine McDisgusting. She can't dress and she should be in some off Broadway show for people who were famous once, like Corey Feldman. I swear if she doesn't go tonight I want my $3.60 worth of text messages back.

3)Detroit Baseball
To all of you out there that have made fun of me for still being a Tigers fan...Shove it where the sun don't shine! We are tied for 1st place right now in the Central with the defending Champs. (Not that that says a lot!) And to top it all off, despite the Yankees crazy comeback last night, the Red Sox are still in first by a game. So here is to a great baseball season...so far!


Rebecca said...

those tigers are doin' ok this year. glad to see the move is still a possibility on the horizon- and you went to that yankee game! excellent job with the mojo, michelle!

jaynar said...

Am watching the final performance show now...don't really care who wins, though...