The Only Word I Know: Busy

So, since the last time I took time to write on here I was in some bullshit job I hated, living in a house that was ok, I guess, and American Idol was still on TV. In that amount of time, I left my job at the IAOD because it was literally the worst organization I had ever worked for and wasn't worth the pay (though not a small amount of money, still wasn't worth it). I have been doing my own event consulting ever since then and love working from home everyday. I have been shopping my resume out across the east coast as well (DC and Boston) and have gotten a couple of good hits (one in Boston and one in DC). I am planning on going out there in the next week or so to take the interviews and then see what happens. Who knows, that is my philosophy right now. As long as I like the position, I will take it. If not I will just continue to do event consulting work on my own.

Other than that, Justin and I found a home that we absolutely love and are looking to buy. It is in Pleasant Ridge (for all of you not in the Metro Detroit area, that is about 15 minutes North of the city and only about 5-10 minutes from our current house). We are sort of in limbo right now on whether to leave the state at the end of October or move to this house. Just another address to have to give out for Christmas Cards.

Last but not least, I got a new car...a VW Beetle! It rules and totally fits my personality. I have named it Zippy because it is bright yellow and I can't seem to go slow in this car to save my life. We are planning on taking it to Chicago in a couple of weeks for a baseball game. (We would bring it to NYC but god only knows where it would be parked.)

So that's about it...I promise to really blog soon, just wanted to let you know that we hadn't fallen off the planet. Oh and let me tell you that this is offically the hardest week in baseball for me. Who do I cheer for: Boston or Detroit?


jaynar said...

Detroit...hometown always wins.

Oddly, I've been to two baseball games in the past couple of weeks. And the Dodgers? What is up with them? If the Cards actually start winning again (for real), maybe I'll be able to see some playoff games without leaving my home city!

But glad to hear that your job search is picking up! Keep us posted!

melanie said...

glad to see some updates from you!