This is a picture of grounds crew at Comerica Park painting on the logo this morning. I knew back in August it would be important that the AL won the All Star game! And now it begins! I have to hate my friends, former college buddies, for an entire week and possibly a year! So this is the conclusion I have come to...the Tigers must win so there is no hate!

I have to book a flight to St. Louis for next Tuesday! Since that is going to cost a ton plus our game tickets, which one of my kind friends wants to house us?? Anyone???

Here is to 1968 part two!


Alex Fritz said...

You're going down!

(not really)

Anonymous said...

they won in 1984, too, bandwagon jumper

Michelle said...

Yeah I am a real bandwagon fan here! I was only at the 1984 world series and have been a Tigers season ticket holder for the last five years so definitely a bandwagon fan!

Unlike you who doesn't even get the 1968 reference because you know nothing about baseball but whatever!