The Godfather

Amongst a million other things that have been occuring on a daily basis in our household (new jobs, freelance jobs, housing issues, etc) yesterday was a very interesting day in the search for Justin's actual family tree.

You see, Justin's dad's last name really isn't his biological father's last name. It is actually the last name of Justin's Grandma's first husband. We found out yesterday for the first time that his dad's actual biological last name is Vascassenno. Yes Justin is offically a member of the Sopranos. Justin's dad's dad "peaced out" as Justin puts it, when he was just a kid and has never talked about it to his kids until just now.

So, like any good natured person would do when they find out that they have a whole other family out there that they don't even know about we got on the internet last night and looked him up. And sure enough we found information out about his grandfather and his great uncle. His great uncle, Vito. Oh the jokes don't just stop there. Vito had a son Vito and he is the Director of Operations for Fazoli's. Justin is a huge fan of Fazoli's cheesecake.

This is the single funniest, most screwed up family tree I have ever seen. So on top of everything else going on right now we are digging to find out just how close to The Godfather Justin really is.

It's time to go to the Mattresses!

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kropp said...

Pretty funny stuff - just don't get too deep into the genealogy, or some bit fat italian guy might show up wanting a place to hide from the cops...